Why do we put our cold pressed juice into glass bottles?

Why do we insist on putting our cold pressed juice in glass bottles?
Here’s a better question: Why would we select the finest produce, cold press it into a single pint of pure, nourishing juice, only to pour that pint into a bottle made from petrochemicals ?

Did you know that most plastic is made from natural gas? Well, look it up! That’s what accounts for the odour and for the taste that plastic imparts to liquid stored within it.

Glass is toxin free, odourless and tasteless

Glass bottles leach no chemicals into our Fully Loaded cold pressed juice, because there aren’t any chemicals to leach! That’s why humans have been using glass to store and drink beverages for more than 5,000 years. (Well that and the fact that glass is made from a very abundant natural resource: sand!)

By contrast, the plastic used in bottling from the 1940s to the present, Bis-phenol A (BPA), was first synthesized in a laboratory barely more than 100 years ago. And industry scientists began to realize the health dangers it posed shortly thereafter.

Why do people use plastic containers in the first place?

Remember the “good old days?” Even milk came in bottles made of an odourless, tasteless, chemical free, inert material: glass.

So what happened? Well, there are a couple of very good reasons food purveyors, including many juice companies use plastic containers:

Plastic is cheap: It costs less to manufacture than glass does.
Plastic weighs a lot less than glass does. And that makes it much cheaper to ship from place to place.
Plastic is durable: It doesn’t break as easily as glass does.

So, why do we insist on spending a little more, bottling Fully Loaded juice in glass?
Back to BPA…

Today, after decades of controversy, the plastic, bis-phenol-A (BPA), has at last fallen out of favour as a beverage container material. The replacement? Bis-phenol-S (BPS)! Well, that’s much better! Except that it might actually be worse.

According to recent studies, as discussed in a recent article in the Washington Post, BPS might well be more harmful than the BPA it replaces.

The next time you see plastic bottles labelled “BPA Free,” remember to ask: “What is this bottle made of?”

BPA, BPS… It’s all just plastic to us.

At Fruit 2 Juice, we’ll stick with glass.

Our Glass bottles are :

  • Made from an abundant natural resource
  • Super Cute
  • Reusable
  • Non-leaching
  • Non-reactive
  • Toxin Free

So rely on Fruit 2 Juice to store and serve your cold pressed juice in glass bottles—never plastic—because you and the planet are worth it!