“Juices of fruits and vegetables are gifts from nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again.” ― FRUIT2JUICE

Ever felt like you just needed to reboot your body? Well sometimes – that might be exactly what the doctor ordered! A cleanse is a way for us to revive our systems and replenish our bodies. After all the chemicals, preservatives and genetically-modified toxins our bodies are forced to absorb on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that cleansing oneself from the inside out is no longer a luxury – but rather a necessity. The idea of restoring the body’s natural equilibrium is one that most people living in this age would do well to consider due to busy lifestyles. The best source of nutrients that our bodies crave can be found in something as simple as fresh fruits and vegetables. With the right tools, know-how and skill, the prefect prescription to optimum health and vitality can be extracted from these sources which even father medicine himself Hippocrates would approve, we believe food is medicine. Our blends are worked out in order of nutritional values to start your cleanse off and complete with maximum results. Fruit 2 Juice recommends our Juice Cleanse whether you’re a first-timer or juicing veteran. Our juices have a zesty flavour with combination of fruits and vegetables, and herbs. Fruit 2 Juice makes cleansing delicious and convenient. Juice On...

Weight loss after completing a 3 day juice course is around 7 - 8lbs.

1 shot each day.
4 juices each day.
Zesty easy to drink.
Detoxing bath salts pack.
Toxin free glass bottles never plastic.
Loose herbal tea from local herbalists.
Juice bar collection available with a discount on price.

All juices are cold pressed into toxin free recyclable glass bottles,
send in reusable freeze packs, send back to us or use again.


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